Applicant Checklist

Qalam is committed to ensuring that qualified students are admitted without regards to their circumstances, and they graduate fully capable of serving their communities. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process of applying, being admitted, and beginning your journey at the Qalam Seminary:

  1. Apply for Admission
    You may apply for Admission online at anytime. Click on the links below for the program you are interested in. There is no application fee.

  2. Complete the Readiness Assessment 
    - Full-time Arabic: Quran Reading Assessment
    - 1 Year & 4 Year Programs: Quran Reading, Arabic Reading and Comprehension Test.

  3. Complete Your Intake Interview
    You will need to complete a 20 to 30-minute interview with an admissions counselor. 

  4. Reference Check 
    You will need to provide 2 personal or professional references.

  5. Admissions Decision
    The admissions decision is based on many factors, including your results from the Readiness Assessment, your intake interview, and the response from your references.

  6. Make Tuition and Financial Aid Arrangements
    Your first tuition payment is due prior to your intended start date. If you plan to use financial aid, we strongly encourage you to complete the financial aid process as soon as possible. Once the financial aid process is complete and your first tuition payment is made, you are now enrolled at the Qalam Seminary and will receive emails from the teaching assistants.



1148 W. Pioneer Pkwy, Suite E
Arlington, TX 76013


Class Timings 

Sunday - Thursday: 8:30am - 3:00pm
Friday & Saturday: off



Aug 25 - June 11
On-campus: $6,500
Online: $2200/per period
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An in-person program designed to connect students to the Quran through the study of foundational Arabic grammar and morphology over the course of a year.

An accelerated and well-rounded curriculum focusing on equipping community leaders and activists with the tools and knowledge required to serve communities in a meaningful capacity.

A five year rigorous ‘Alimiyyah program providing students with the necessary skills & tools to become engaged and proactive future leaders and scholars of our Ummah.