Our Mission

Traditional Education in a Modern Context.

The Qalam Seminary strives to develop Islamic thought and community leaders by means of education, practical training, and mentorship. Qalam aims to bridge the gap between text and context and living the tradition in a modern context.

Since 2013, the Qalam Foundation has been able to provide a one-year Islamic Studies program in Dallas, Texas known as the Qalam Seminary. Over these last few years, we have begun the first step in the journey that Muslims for nearly a millennia and a half have dedicated themselves to: finding practical solutions to humanity’s problems within the sources of our religion.

We now find ourselves with not only the ability, but also the demand to fulfill our dream of providing students with a complete traditional scholarly Islamic education here in the United States. With our three-pronged approach of taʿlim, tarbiyah, and suhbah – education, training, and mentorship – we have meticulously developed a four-year ʿAlimiyyah curriculum keeping in mind both the longstanding scholarly tradition of our ummah and the pressing needs of our society today. This catered curriculum is taught by seasoned faculty who serve not only as instructors to the students, but also as mentors. We are eagerly looking forward to continuing the noble tradition of sacred knowledge with the amazing men and women who have decided to dedicate their lives to serving the deen of Allah ﷻ.