1 Year Program Curriculum

We have developed a unique, accelerated and well-rounded curriculum focusing on classical academics combined with modern-day applicability and personal development.

The sole objective is to help people connect to Allah. Students will receive the following:

  • Ta'leem - Sacred education with the purpose of grounding students in the sources of the religion
  • Tarbiyah - Practical training and personal development through community work
  • Suhbah - A positive environment fostered by companionship with fellow classmates and teachers



Personal Development

Students will grasp what it means to purify and revive their hearts, be a student of knowledge, curb their egos, and build a stronger relationship with Allah. Texts by Imam Ghazali among others will be covered.


Legal Studies

Studies include Usul ul Fiqh and Fiqh of Taharah and Worship from the Hanafi perspective. Specialists in the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali fiqh schools of thought will present an overview of each of the different madhahib. Students will learn what it means to follow a madhhab and how to correctly put into practice the pillars of Islam. The main text covered is Quduri’s text on Hanafi Fiqh.


Prophetic Studies

Studies consist of Usul ul Hadith, Seerah, and Hadith. Students will understand the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and how it was preserved, how to practically apply lessons from his life and teachings, and develop a greater love for the last Messenger of Allah. Among the texts covered are various collections of Forty Hadith, including Imam Nawawi’s.


Quranic Studies

Studies consist of Usul ul Tafseer, ‘Ulum ul Qur’an, and Tafseer. Students will understand revelation, the authenticity, preservation, and miraculous nature of the Book of Allah, and build a stronger relationship with the Qur’an. Passages for tafseer study are selected due to the practical, spiritual, and oft-repeated nature of the ayat. Tafseer texts are selected due to their different areas of focus within the Islamic Sciences. Texts include tafaseer by Ibn Kathir, Imam Qurtubi, Zamakshari, Ibn Ashur, and Imam Razi.


Doctrines of Faith (Aqeedah)

A detailed study of the core tenets of Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah supplemented by in-depth research and class presentations on the Names and Attributes of Allah throughout the year. Students will understand their creed and those of deviant groups and where the line is drawn between correct and incorrect belief. The main text covered is Aqeedah Tahawiyyah.