On-campus Tuition

Tuition for the entire year is $6,500. Students are responsible for their own living arrangements and expenses. We highly encourage communities to arrange work study programs for talented individuals. We recommend communities sponsor students to develop a valuable resource for their congregation.

For the convenience of our students, tuition payments can be made through a payment plan (August to April).


Online Tuition

Tuition is broken down by period $1,100/per period for the year. There are six periods per day, if you take all six periods you will be considered a full-time student and charged $6,500. 


Financial Aid 

Qalam does offer financial aid and scholarships. Details regarding financial aid are offered on a case-by-case basis upon admission to one of our programs. We at Qalam believe that finances should never hinder someone from learning their deen. If you have any further questions contact your admissions counselor.