Year 1 Curriculum

It is our goal to connect students to the Quran, sacred knowledge, and the Islamic tradition through the study of the Arabic language. Students will start their journey with the study of foundational Arabic grammar and morphology and over the course of the year build the skills required to read and understand the Quran and classical Islamic texts in Arabic.

There are two main objectives of the program:

  1. To understand the Quran without a translation.

  2. To read and translate classical Arabic texts that don’t have vowel marks.

Each day will be divided into 3 main periods: Grammar & Morphology, Guided reading & drills and exercises. 


Each day will be divided into 3 periods:


Grammar & Morphology Lecture

Students will be introduced to new concepts related to their understanding of Arabic Grammar and Morphology in a fun and engaging classroom setting with accessible teachers.

  • More than 85% of Quranic Vocabulary

  • Fundamentals of Classical Arabic Grammar and Morphology

  • Translation of up to 5 Juz of the Quran

  • Study of I’raab (parsing)

  • Matn-ul-Ajrumiyyah with Explanation

Guided Reading

In order to accomplish the second main goal of the program, students will start approaching classical Arabic texts under the guidance of a teacher starting with very basic texts and progressing to more advanced classical texts.

  • Qasus-un-Nabieen by Sh. Hasan Ali Nadwi

  • Select Study of Mukhtaaraat by Sh. Hasan Ali Nadwi

  • Select Study of Tafseer Sha’rawi in Arabic

  • Select Study of Hadith with Explanation in Arabic

Drills & Exercises:

During this period, students will practice applying the concepts learned in lecture through extensive exercises and drills.

  • Daily Qur’an Memorization

  • Daily Adkhar and Duas

  • Memorization of Select Arba’een Hadith Collections