Year 2

Foundational Islamic Studies


Begin Your Journey

The Qalam Seminary's 1 Year program provides a challenging and fulfilling learning experience for dedicated students, motivated activists, and future community leaders.

We have developed a unique, accelerated and well-rounded curriculum focusing on classical academics combined with modern-day applicability and personal development. 

I never knew how much I needed Qalam until I had the opportunity to study at the seminary. In a society where women aren’t afforded the same opportunities, Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda and Qalam have made it their goal to provide a space where women not only receive the opportunity to study, but are dignified in doing so.
— Faduma W.

What Will Graduates Accomplish? 

Graduates will be prepared to serve their communities as educators, youth directors, assistant imams, and other capacities. Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Teach Seerah, Quran, Tajweed, basic Hadith collections, everyday Fiqh etc.

  • Deliver effective Khutbahs and teach workshops for their local communities.

  • Develop modern and effective curricula for Sunday Schools.

  • Provide direction and Islamic teaching at Islamic schools.

  • Serve as full-time youth directors, or as an assistant Imam capacity to an existing scholar.

  • Pursue upper level advanced Islamic studies.


Meet Your Instructors


Skills & Passion

We are looking for brothers  sisters who:


Can already read and understand Basic classical Arabic texts


Read Qur'an with proper Tajweed


Have demonstrated community activism (i.e. it’s established and not simply an aspiration)


Are not only interested in the academic side of their studies, but putting that knowledge into effective service